Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

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There are a lot of misconceptions about tooth straightening procedures. Many people think that they’re purely cosmetic and that only kids can have their teeth straightened. But the truth is far more complex. Straight teeth can have far-reaching health benefits. And adults can have their teeth straightened too.

Skew Teeth Are More Prone to Breaking

Because skew teeth down align properly with your bite, they take far greater strain than they should. If the teeth protrude forwards, they are in harm’s way if you sustain a blow to your mouth from falling, or in a sports or car accident.

Straight Teeth are Less Prone to Decay

The most obvious health benefits of straight teeth occur where you’d expect them: in your mouth! Skew teeth are often difficult to keep clean and are crowded against other teeth making flossing difficult. This makes skew teeth more prone to decay.

Skew teeth also get worn down more easily because they don’t properly match the teeth with which they are meant to work. Once the enamel has won down, the tooth becomes vulnerable to cavities.

Less Plaque, Less chance of Gum Infections

Gingivitis and its more serious cousin, periodontitis, begin with plaque formation on the teeth. Because its easier to keep straight teeth clean, you’re less likely to get gum disease. As you can see, there’s a progression. Skew teeth gather plaque becoming more sensitive to decay, and the bacteria that cause tooth decay can, in turn, infect the gums.

Less Chance of Infection, Better Overall Health

Now, we follow the progression that began with skew teeth into more serious territory. Gum disease has, in turn, been linked to several illnesses and may even increase the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

If you’re expecting a baby, gum disease can have very adverse consequences for your unborn baby. Moms with gingivitis are more likely to give birth prematurely or have babies with an unusually low birth weight.

But There’s More: Your Digestive System Could Benefit Too

Chewing food is the first part of the digestive process. If you don’t chew your food properly, it makes it harder for your digestive system to deal with. You won’t get the benefit of all the nutrients in your food, partly because you haven’t broken it down into small enough pieces, and partly because the enzymes in your saliva can’t work properly on bigger chunks of food.

Plus, you Get to Feel Better About Your Smile

There certainly is a cosmetic side to tooth straightening, especially if the front teeth are the ones that are affected. If you equate confidence with health, then there are added benefits to be gained from having your teeth straightened. Your smile is important in smoothing social interactions, so being able to smile with confidence is more important than a lot of people think it is.

And Yes! Adults can Have Their Teeth Straightened Too!

It is best to have your teeth straightened while you’re still a child. The process takes a much shorter time. But in most instances, we can also help adults to achieve straight teeth. It just takes a little more patience. And if you were worried about obvious braces on your teeth, times have changed. Braces or aligners are much subtler than they were a few decades ago!

If you’re interested in getting your skew teeth straightened, visit your dentist and ask about tooth straightening options. After all, the health benefits of straight teeth are very real indeed!

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