The Importance of Straight Teeth

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How important is it to have straight teeth? Ask the average layman, and they’ll probably tell you it’s not all that important. Some might say that it doesn’t look great, but that’s as far as it goes. The truth, however, is that skew teeth can cause a whole range of problems, and even reduce your life expectancy. Incredulous? Well, here are the facts.

Skew Teeth are a Causative Factor in Gum Disease

When you have skew teeth, it becomes difficult to clean them properly, particularly when they are crowded close together. When you can’t clean your teeth properly, the bacteria that cause gum disease multiply in your mouth. In a worst-case scenario, your teeth become loose and you may even need surgery to deal with the problem. Will you lose teeth? That depends on how promptly you get treatment for the gum disease.

You’re More Likely to Suffer From Tooth Decay and Bad Breath

It almost goes without saying that being unable to clean your teeth properly means you’re more likely to develop tooth decay. And although your dentist can repair your teeth, they’ll never be quite as strong as they were before. Ideally, your teeth should last a lifetime, but the chances of that happening when you have skew teeth are greatly reduced.

The bacteria in your mouth can also cause bad breath, and that’s a problem that can affect your social life more than most people realize.

An Awkward Bite Makes Teeth Wear Down Faster

When you’re lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth, they work together beautifully. But when your teeth are skew, the poorly aligned teeth crunch and clash together in ways they aren’t meant to. The result is wear and tear. The enamel that is meant to protect your teeth gets damaged, and once again, your teeth are less likely to remain healthy.

Your Teeth Are More Likely to Break

If skew teeth protrude, and you have a minor accident that wouldn’t injure most people, you could end up with broken teeth. True, your Vancouver dentist can repair broken teeth or even replace them with implants if they’re too badly broken to mend, but once again, maintaining the integrity of your teeth ensures that they’ll last longer.

Your Digestive System Doesn’t Work as Well as it Could

The first step in the process of digestion is chewing. Chewing your food properly not only breaks it down into smaller particles but also mixes it with the enzymes in your mouth. It’s the first step towards extracting nutrition from food.

Skew teeth make it harder to chew food properly, and the result is greater strain on your digestive system, and less effective absorption of nutrients.

Your Overall Health is Harmed

Your mouth doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s the gateway to your body, and it could be the gateway to your health and longevity too. Research shows that the gum disease people with skew teeth are prone to can make you more susceptible to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and more.

Not Just a Cosmetic Issue

Straight teeth aren’t just a cosmetic issue, and tooth straightening isn’t just for kids. See your dentist to find out how he or she can get your teeth straight. Enjoy smiling with confidence and have something to smile about. Getting your teeth straightened safeguards your health.

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