Our purpose is to use the experience gained over the last 30-plus years to deliver the best possible dentistry to you. In order to assist us, we use the best labs available, use proven products and the most effective techniques.

Keeping current through literature in dental journals, continuing education courses, conferences & study clubs gives me knowledge of the latest treatment protocols in dentistry, all of which helps me deliver the best possible dentistry to you.

My intent is to explain to you the diagnosis in a way that you understand, so that you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs and wants.

Diagnosing your required treatment relies on gathering information through clinical examination and documentation, x-rays, photos, models, diagnostic tests, etc. Being thorough provides the best chance for success.

Dr. Lunn was a Dental Consultant for a major insurance company for more than 10 years where it was his responsibility to determine the eligibility of the treatment proposed by the dentist for coverage by the insurance policy purchased by the patient. This allowed him to learn how dental insurance policies work.

What Dr. Lunn Learned

  1. The insurance company is in the business of making money. They sell policies for that purpose.
  2. Insurance companies are not in the business of diagnosing patients’ dental needs. Only a dentist can do that.
  3. There are as many plan variations in costs, coverage and limitations as there are purchasers.
  4. The language used in the contract determines what is covered, not the patient’s needs.
  5. The relationship is between the purchaser of the plan and the insurer, not the dentist and the insurer.

What is Different Now

  1. The insurance companies’ business of making money has not changed and they have had to add greater restrictions and limitations to the dental plans to maintain their profit margin.
  2. They no longer are willing to share these changes or any information with the dental office (Privacy of Information Laws).

What this Means

  1. We no longer are able to obtain accurate information regarding YOUR insurance.
  2. As we can no longer determine what the insurer may or may not cover, and you may not have been informed of changes to the coverage, we request that you be financially responsible for the dentistry delivered.
  3. We will continue to submit to the insurer on your behalf. You will then be paid by your insurer. We will collect our fee at the time of treatment. We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit card and cheques.
  4. We thank you for your understanding and will endeavour to deliver the best dentistry we are capable of providing.