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A smile can lift your mood, and brighten your day, and those of everyone around you. That is if it’s a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, if it isn’t, your smile is likely to have you avoiding the mirror, hiding from your friends and uncomfortable around your colleagues.

And that’s if you even have colleagues to avoid. That’s right, smiles marred by gaps, crooked, broken or discolored teeth have been shown by surveys to sometimes cause potential employers to go down the applications list, looking for someone else. And that will be a someone else they say gives the appearance of being more trustworthy, more confident and taking better care of themselves, no matter how qualified and capable you are of doing the job.

And, those whose smiles are not picture perfect understand why potential employers might feel that way, because that applicant with a damaged smile is likely to feel the same way about themselves. They know their confidence and self-image has taken a dive, and they know they have not been taking proper care of themselves. And they are aware this shows in their smile.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Fortunately cosmetic dentistry can turn the situation around by changing the colour, filling the gaps, straightening the skew, and even altering the amount of gum that shows when you smile. No wonder it is becoming ever more popular.  And the procedures can be done in one go as part of a Smile makeover package custom designed by your experienced dentist in Vancouver to fit your needs. Or they can be used as individual treatments when your smile problem is not as complicated

Popular Procedures

Whitening: There’s nothing like white and shiny teeth to put the sparkle back into your smile. Dentists can use any of a number of procedures depending on your personal needs. There are the professional whitening options which make use of a gel and trays to bleach them, and utilize lasers or LED light for a quicker and enhanced process.

Where lightening the shade isn’t enough, porcelain or composite resin veneers are popular choices. These shells, which adhere to the front of the tooth, will lighten the teeth and also cover any cracks and chips or worn out tooth enamel, while also correcting some spacing issues.

Even more versatile is the bonding procedure. It enables the dentist to not only lighten discolored teeth, but also to improve their shape. At the same time, it is used to repair any defects and cracks and fill some gaps. It involves bonding a shaped piece of colored composite material onto a damaged tooth.

Taking Away the Gaps: When bigger parts of the tooth are missing than bonding can handle, the prime choice is usually to go for a crown. An artificial cap is custom-made and firmly attached to the top of what is left of the tooth – provided there is enough of it left intact to support the crown.

Where there is no tooth, the options available include a partial denture clipped onto nearby teeth or a bridge which involves a false tooth being bonded onto the teeth on either side of the gap. However, the most popular solution, and arguably the most natural-looking and effective, is the implant. In this procedure an artificial tooth is attached to the root area of the gum.

Changing the shape: If your smile problems involve skew teeth or too much gum intruding into the picture, dentists can help. Gum contouring can be accomplished with minor surgery (or after consultations with an oral surgeon, orthodontist or periodontist if the surgery is more advanced). Skew teeth are best corrected with brace braces, which these days come in a wide range of styles, from a see-through option to ceramics and those that clip onto the back of the teeth.

Modern cosmetic dentistry can certainly change the way you see yourself, and also the way others see you. Seek a consultation with a dentist and get an expert opinion on which procedures would be best for you.

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