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Dental implants can replace missing teeth for a functional bite, a better smile and improved oral hygiene. Vancouver dental implants may be exactly what you need to increase your confidence and get one step closer to the perfect smile.

Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and might make interacting with others more uncomfortable than you’d like. We can replace those missing teeth, improve your oral health, and boost confidence with dental implants. Get in touch with our expert team in dental implants Vancouver BC today!

Dental implants are the perfect remedy for missing teeth. Regaining your smile and confidence are just a couple of visits away! We make it easy for you by conveniently offering these dental implants in Vancouver. Our Vancouver dental implants team is ready to serve you to give you a smile you’re proud of.

Key Benefits:

  • Looks and feels natural
  • Beautiful smile
  • Functional bite
  • Comfortable
  • Long term solution

When your smile doesn’t look its best due to missing teeth, dental implant surgery is a long-lasting and effective solution to replace them. Not only do they look like real teeth, they feel natural, and are just as easy to care for. Those with dental implants, brush, floss, and rinse just the same as individuals without them. No need to remove them to clean, or worry about food getting stuck beneath them like people with dentures.

With a dental implant placement that acts the same way as your natural root does and a replacement tooth that is indiscernible from your existing teeth, it is truly the best solution for natural-looking and comfortable tooth replacement. So, are you ready for your dental implant in Vancouver? Our compassionate, experienced dental implant specialist will fix up your smile and make the whole process easy for you and your family.


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What Are Dental Implants

Dental implant posts serve the same purpose that a natural tooth root serves. Implanted into the jaw, it holds a replacement tooth or bridge in place. The implant is made of titanium and is typically put into the jawbone, making it strong, long-lasting, and natural feeling. Dental implants vary between styles – blade, cylinder, or screws, depending on each individual. Over time, an implant fuses with the bone and serves as an anchor for a prosthetic tooth or in some cases prosthetic teeth.

A prosthetic tooth is designed to match your natural teeth, in size and color. They are typically made of porcelain or acrylic that looks just the same as the enamel on your natural teeth. It can be either a crown or a bridge, depending on the case. They are attached to the implant and are nearly as strong as a natural tooth but without the worry of decay.

Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

Dental ImplantsThe dental implant procedure to receive dental implants is typically an outpatient procedure that takes place over the course of several different visits with your oral care provider or periodontist to prepare the site for implantation. If you still have a damaged tooth where the implant will go, the first step is to remove the tooth. This allows the jawbone to be prepped for the surgery – for some people this involves bone grafting. After the jaw is healed the post is implanted into the jaw.

Cosmetic and implant dentistry can take several weeks or months for the area to heal, and once it is healed, the surgeon is able to place the abutment into the implant post. This is what the tooth will later attach to. Once the jaw is healthy and healed, the dentist forms a mold of the tooth, and jawbone to allow the prosthetic to fit perfectly in place.

Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment

There are many benefits of receiving dental implants. While the process may take a long time to place them, it is worth it in their longevity. They are also very simple to care for, with few differences from caring for your natural teeth. One of the biggest benefits for many people is that they are comfortable, and are hardly noticeable compared to your natural teeth. The same can be said about their appearance.

Not only that, depending on the tooth that is replaced, you can experience improved speech, and it can be easier to eat than with removable dentures. Quality dental implants are strong and don’t typically need replacing. Replacing damaged teeth also helps to keep the surrounding teeth to remain healthy. Best of all, when you’re feeling your best and healthy, you’ll also experience improved self-esteem and that is a benefit to your overall wellbeing. The more you smile, the better you feel.

Will it Hurt to Install My Dental Implant?

The treatment itself is virtually painless. You may however experience some light discomfort for few days after your dental care. After approximately a week your implant should not feel uncomfortable.

Caring For Your Dental Implants

Prosthetic teeth are incredibly easy to care for and should be treated the same way that you treat natural teeth. Brushing at least twice daily is important for existing natural teeth, fresh breath, and gum health. You can use your regular toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your prosthetic teeth. Flossing should also be done daily to ensure gum health and can be done the same way you do with your natural teeth. Mouthwash daily will also help to kill bad bacteria and keep natural teeth healthy.

It is important to regularly visit your Vancouver dentist to make sure not only your implant is wearing correctly, but for the health of your natural teeth. Prosthetic teeth and the artificial tooth root are subject to wear and tear just like natural teeth. Your dentist will help you to determine if your implant requires any special cleaning or certain dental care. Implants are durable, making them a smart decision for those who want a solution similar to natural teeth.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

With the proper care and an otherwise healthy mouth, dental implants are a long-lasting solution to a missing tooth or several missing teeth. They are typically rated for 10 to 15 years, but dental implants can last a lifetime for those who have above-average oral hygiene.

The longevity depends significantly on the location in the mouth where the tooth is placed, and individual lifestyle can also greatly impact how long the implant lasts. Modern dental implant technology makes them functional, durable, and long-lasting. If an implant fails, it is typically attributed to existing medical conditions or the misuse of the implant; otherwise, it will be a worthy investment.

What Do I Have to Do Following the Procedure?

You will be provided with a set of instructions specific to your treatment. Please follow them closely to ensure the risk of complications is reduced. A brief list of things you can expect includes: getting rest, managing to swell, cleaning your mouth, restricting your diet, and keeping an eye on the affected area to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is occurring.

Will my Insurance Cover the Dental Implants Cost?

The majority of insurance companies cover most of our treatments and a portion of the dental implant costs. For more detail on your coverage please call your service provider to get a more detailed breakdown of the cost of dental implants.

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