Vancouver Root Canal Therapy

Damaged teeth can be saved rather than replaced with dental implants. We can relieve pain and restore oral hygiene while saving you money with root canal therapy.

Restore your oral health while keeping your natural teeth for longer!

Over time teeth atrophy, meaning they can decay, break, and crack. The best treatment for a badly decayed or broken tooth is often a root canal. This procedure salvages the natural tooth instead of replacing it with a dental implant. Root canals are a long-term and potentially permanent treatment for atrophied teeth.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick treatment
  • Maintain natural smile
  • Avoid constant replacements
  • Fully functional bite


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What Is A Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is an effective way to save a damaged tooth and maintain as much as your natural tooth as possible. When a tooth is deeply infected, the inside of the tooth can become infected and painful, typically as the result of decay or injury. The dental provider uses a specialized drill to clear the damaged area inside of the tooth and replace it with a material similar to rubber, and then place a temporary filling. A permanent crown is ultimately placed to complete the root canal, allowing you to keep your natural root despite decay.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful

Root canals certainly have the reputation for being painful, but often the infection is the culprit for the pain. The drilling of the pulp can cause discomfort, but local anesthesia is used during the treatment and should offer relief from this pain. For many people, saving a natural tooth is worth any pain that is associated with the treatment. If you are concerned about the pain associated with a root canal, talk to us so we can help come up with the best course of treatment that will keep you comfortable and at ease.

How Many Appointments Do I Need

Though it depends on the severity of the tooth in need of treatment, a root canal can be completed in as little as only one appointment. If the tooth is severely infected, several visits may be required to complete the work of properly cleaning and preparing the tooth root. On average, a root canal treatment can be completed within one to three appointments. During your initial consult, we are able to help you get a timeframe for how long the process will take, and that is a great time to discuss any concerns or questions with us.


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Additional Information

A root canal involves the gentle removal of a tooth’s nerve tissue and the sealing of surrounding canals with a special rubberlike material. Following root canal therapy, the tooth will no longer be able to feel temperature or pain but will maintain normal biting power and sensation.


Does it hurt?

In the past, root canals have been quite painful but with new advances is no more uncomfortable than a regular filling

Will I need any other work other than my root canal?

Following treatment, you may require a dental crown so that the tooth does not fracture again. A tooth that has undergone root canal therapy may be more susceptible to cracking because it becomes more brittle.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my root canal?

Most of our treatments are covered by a majority of insurance companies. For a more detailed explanation of your coverage please call your service provider.

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